Ameryll's Fan Fiction

Star Wars: From the Ashes (Roleplaying Game):

     From the Ashes info page: A quick summary of the background of From the Ashes.

     Stage Show: Celi Skywalker and Flyx the Farghul go back to visit "The Lucky Jedi" cafe and cash in on some bets Flyx placed on the previous visit. What they find isn't what they expected. (Humor)

     (Coming Soon)A Loney Childhood: Short stories of major events as Celi was growing up.

     To Stalk a Skywalker: A short story about an incident with another Jedi when Celi was in school

     You don't really want to see my identification: Mirage and Corran break into a military installation in a slightly unusual way. (Humor)

Star Wars (Expanded Universe and Movies):

     Darkness From Within: (In Progress) two hundred years after the destruction of the second death star...another threat is taking a shot at the Jedi, but this time, it isn't from the source one would expect...exactly.


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