A Short Introduction to From the Ashes



This is based off of a Role-Playing game run by Bozocat (otherwise known as Farrina).  Ameryll was the PC who played Celicia.  The game has run for 3 years or three seasons and is in its final year.

Also, this game has been through three incarnations with vastly different plot and character backgrounds and will likely go through another one or two.  As such, some stories are from different timelines and the characters are somewhat different.  Ameryll plans to make it clear at the beginning or during the story as to what significant events have happened.  But none of these stories are canon (as far as any of the ‘From the Ashes’ games go).


Time Period:

450 years after the destruction of the second death star



Farrina’s Web: One galaxy over from the Republic.


New Races:

Sloolini: Fish-like humanoids.  They cannot breathe outside of water and frequently walk around in water-suits.  Native to Farrina’s Web.

Lomps: Turtle-like humanoids.  Cold blooded, most are spider worshippers.  Native to Farrina’s Web.

Carsalians: Insect-like humanoids.  Natives to Farrina’s Web, but not citizens of the Republic.

Fornothi: Fornothi are elf-like humanoids.  They came from another galaxy like humans, but accidentally ended up in Farrina’s Web and haven’t been able to leave.

Spider Demons: A mysterious and possibly fictional race of beings in Farrina’s Web.  They are generally thought to be soul-devouring and evil.



Roughly two-hundred years after the second death star’s destruction, with large population stresses, the Republic started exploring out past the unknown regions.  They found a galaxy similar to their own called, Farrina’s Web.  They began to send colonies out, but it proved to be too expensive and cancelled the project.  For the last 50 years, there has been no communication between galaxies after a Yuuzhan-Vong attack took out the intergalactic communications array.  A group of young Jedi from the Republic (Celi, Stepahnie and Mudakka) decides that they want to know what happened to the Farrina’s Web colony, so they steal an intergalactic rocket and sneak out to Farrina’s Web where they find themselves stranded and worse, the local Jedi have been all but destroyed.



Celicia Skywalker (Windwalker after marriage): She’s a young and cocky Jedi Knight, much like her ancestors.  She believes passionately that Jedi should be allowed to love and marry.  They shouldn’t be as dispassionate as the Jedi Code suggests.  But she has a good heart which often keeps her straight.  She learns and grows quickly.

Onuite Windu (Windwalker after marriage): He’s a young but simple Jedi Knight.  He believes he is a badass, which is tolerable because he really is.  He snuck out to Farrina’s Web with his family and a group of Rebel Jedi freed from prison on Myrkr (they escaped on Sekot, a hyperspace capable planet).  He was devastated when Celi left home without him and chased after her.  The two of them have been friends since the age of six.  She is the most important figure in his life.

Flyx the Farghul: A local farghul thief from Sirdiss (a Farrina’s Web planet).  He’s rough around the edges but he has a good heart.  He’s loyal to his friends, which includes the Jedi.  If something can be stolen he can steal it, including star destroyer sized ships. Once, he worked for the Hutts, but now he’s a free entity who accompanies the Jedi and helps them make the galaxy a better place.  No one would doubt his courage, standing shoulder to shoulder to Jedi and fighting enemies designed to take out some of the strongest Jedi in the galaxy.

Deadaleus (The Dude): He’s a very young (15) Elementalist.  Elementalists are arguably a subset of Jedi that specifically use the force to use and manipulate the elements.  He likes to be cool, which is difficult following around a straight lace like Celi.

Stephanie Barkansen: She’s an ambassador with an innately strong ability to influence minds, especially those who normally are too strong minded to be influenced.  She’s a bit of a ditz, and has a tendency to take the easy way out of a bad situation.

Abebi Aafat (Abi): A Miraluka Jedi, recently out of hiding.  She’s very shy around anyone who’s not a Jedi and tags along with Stephanie.

Mudakka: A wookie Jedi with a knack for working with machines.  He eventually retired from the lime light to work on a secret project.

Daniel Mace: A dark jedi turned sith.  He has an affinity for knives, but is surprisingly good despite his dark side.  He’s not all that good, but he’s saved the Jedi’s lives from time to time and has no interest in hurting them as long as they let him be himself.

Corran Skywalker: Celi’s widowed father.  He was a librarian and historical researcher for the Jedi Council and a Jedi.  He can be kind, but he’s also a bit stuck up.

Ameryll Skywalker: Celi’s deceased mother.  She passed away when Celi was nine years old, fighting a spider demon that managed to sneak from Farrina’s Web back to the old world.  Her spirit occasionally gives Celi little nudges when she can, protecting her only child.

The Mirage (Amy Tilith): She’s a shady and mysterious character.  She’s a slicer, and pretends to be a human to hide the fact that she’s a Miraluka.  Once upon a time she was trained as a Jedi.

Sir Darcy Ross: Sir Ross was president of the Republic in Farrina’s Web when the three Jedi knights arrived.  He was later kicked out of office, and eventually was put back into office by popular demand.

Professor: A talking parrot, given as a gift to Celi from a stalker.  He knew Celi’s weak point for animals.

Cerberus: Celi’s older vornskr.  His mother was killed by smugglers on Myrkr while Celi was there undergoing some Jedi discipline training.  Celi took the young puppy home, despite her father’s protests and refused to de-tail the dog.  He’s been one of Celi’s constant companions ever since.

Jade: Celi’s younger vornskr.  Jade was abandoned in a closet at a deserted ysalamiri growing facility.  She was tailess and starving when Flyx found her as a puppy, so she’s stayed considerably smaller than Cerberus.

Tweak: Mudakka’s astromech droid.

Nivea: Mirage’s pet vornskr/seeing eye vornskr.



This game ran at the same time as the New Order novels were published.  Some things may not be consistent with Star Wars canon for that reason, or because the story author or GM decided that he or she didn’t like how something was done in the books.



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