You Don’t Really Want to See My Identification…


Author:  Ameryll

Category:  Humor.
Summary:  Mirage and Corran break into a military facility through Mirage's machine powers and a bit of silliness.
Disclaimer:  I don't make any money off of this. It's purely for fun.  George Lucas and LucasFilms own Star Wars, and any related trademarks or copyrights.  Corran and Mirage are my own creation.
Timeline:  Roughly 450 years after the destruction of the second death star.  This takes place in a nearby galaxy to our beloved Star Wars galaxy called Farrina’s Web.
Other Notes: In this particular universe, Corran is a pretty nice guy, and married Mirage after he came to Farrina's Web. They're an interesting, if odd couple, one being a Jedi, and the other being a slicer and a somewhat liberal jedi.
Location: An Undisclosed Military Facility, at an Undisclosed Location

You Don’t Really Want to See My Identification…

"How are we going to get in, Amy?" Corran whispered to his wife as he followed her down the metallic, sterile corridor of the military installation. He couldn't remember whether this had been his idea, or hers. But he was getting a bad feeling about it all.

"I'll take care of it," she replied gently.

"But I thought you weren't able to slice into the system and make new ID's?" he asked.

"They're system was closed to an attack from the outside, but not from the inside," she replied calmly. Corran had about as much technical knowledge as her vornskr. But he did try. "Now be quiet, there's a guard's station up around the next bend," she informed him. Her Miraluka eye-sight always gave her a nice little advantage.

"What should I do?"

"Nothing. Keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking. You already wreak of Jedi, best not to draw attention to that fact."

"You never complained about it before," Corran said gently. Though in fact, she had on a number of occasions pointed out just how much he stood out in a crowd.

Once they finished with their banter, Mirage slipped around the corner and strode purposefully towards the booth. Corran picked up a pace matching hers one stride behind her. His wife was always better at these types of missions than he was.

"Identification, please," the officer behind the desk said flatly. He seemed to be fairly bored at his station. It being the night shift suggested that interesting events were rare. But that was about to change.

"Are you sure you want to see it?" Mirage asked gently, already fishing through her bag for her ID. While she searched, she let her mind reach out through the force and into the ID scanner.

"Uh, protocol, ma'am," the officer stated, somewhat taken aback. Of course he would want to see it.

"Very well," she said as she handed him a little piece of paper with "Casey Greene's ID" written across the front in pen.

The guard took it, then looked back at Mirage. "This isn't an ID."

"Yes it is," Mirage said seriously.

"You've got to be kidding, right?"

"Scan it," Mirage replied. Over her mental connection with Corran she would swear she heard him face palm. But that was rediculous of course...she usually only recieved words through their telepathy.

"Alright..." the guard said, deciding to humor the strange lady. But to everyone's surprise but Mirage's, the scanner beeped happily when the paper ID passed through it. "It...passed..." On the screen, information had popped up about an employee named Casey Greene.

Mirage nodded, "Is there a problem with that?"

"I think I'll need to see a photo ID to cooberate this...IT's all highly unusual..."

I think I broke his brain, Mirage thought to Corran as took the piece of paper back from the guard and proceeded to draw a stick figure on it. She then handed the paper back to the guard.

"You..." the guard sighed. Sometimes, he hated the night shift. They didn't pay him enough to deal with this kind of crap. "This is you?" he gestured to the stick figure.

"Yes. I don't eat very well," she replied as she indicated her painfully thin arms. The guard sighed before scanning the picture. And sure enough, an image popped up on the screen to match the ID he'd already scanned.

"Now, is there anything else, or can we go about our business?" she asked politely.

The guard just stuttered a bit. After a moment, Mirage and Corran just walked past him. He didn't bother trying to stop them.

"I think you need to eat more, Mirage," Corran added once they were out of earshot.

"Yes, dear," she replied as she kissed him on the nose.