We saw a nice Link while in line.

We also saw a nice robot though we didn't know what it was from.

And a really nice Lu Bu while in line.

Amanda-Chan summoning her WoW (World of Warcraft) horde.

And some Jedi in line later that day (couldn't get them to pose).

Princess Mononoke.

Another Miasake creation: No Face.

Swords. Lots of (big) swords.

Pocky. Biiiig Pocky.

Squall from FF8.

Pirokiko (complete with big gun) from Megatokyo.

Pirokiko again.

One of the many Miho's.

A nice Junpei (man he's tall).

Junpei. Miho. Glomp. That's all that needs saying.

Ed (complete w/ paper bag).

Rissa's attempt at Erika from Megatokyo (panel 626) as Kasumi from Dead or Alive.

Rissa forgot her tabi socks for the con so here's some pics from home w/the socks.

Random Ninja (possibly Junpei).