I hand sewed this in college, then maintained it for a few years. This was the first version I had for the Rebel Legion. However it has retired and been upgraded to one that looks better. But since it was my first, I don't think I'll be able to throw it out for quite some time.
Mara from Star Wars Insider
Mara source from "Visions of the Future"
Costume from back
Costume from front
Costume pieces once finished
Trying to look like the Star Wars Insider pic.
lightsaber on
Lights on (so you can't see the lightsaber's light)
Me without a wig.
The pretty lightsaber hilt, even though its from Mara's dark side days.

Mara Jade-Skywalker costume over on the Rebel Legion site.
The light side of Star Wars costuming (New England Rebel Legion: Alderaan Base).
The first event my costume really got out and got a test drive at was Super MegaFest. People seemed to like it a lot.
You can find the pictures from Super MegaFest over on the alderaan base's website in the photo gallery.
The dark side's point of view. You can go find SMF there to see some of the other nifty costumes from the Imperials.