Winter 2007 Kaya Pics


The orange striped cat is Kaya, now a year old, and originally a barn cat from Timberlock.  The Siamese is Luke, and Mara refused to be photographed whenever I happened to have the camera available.


Many people have asked for me to post pictures of Kaya, so this page mostly contains her.  (If you’re just taking a quick look, at least look at the bottom of the page.)


Here’s Kaya’s favorite place to hide for some bizarre reason.



Here’s Luke’s favorite place to go when Kaya’s annoying him, though she’s recently learned to get on this door too.



Kaya likes to eat things…a lot.  So we bought our kitties these wool and leather mice so that we didn’t need to worry about her eating anything bad for her.  Little did we know how much the kitties would like them.  We ended up buying a whole box because she and Luke destroy them so fast.



Luke learned to play fetch with hair elastics, then tin foil balls, then finally with these mice.  He’s way too smart, but that’s what I get for getting a Siamese. But now he’s taught Kaya to do it too.  Unfortunately, Luke’s too smart to get caught on camera doing it.  Fortunately, Kaya isn’t.




And yes, my cat did just steal a coaster.


And finally, photographic proof that Kaya plays fetch (with one of her wool mice).



Good Kitty!!!